Luneria Sample Experience

First Time Buyers: Receive this Sampler Bundle for 50% off using code: NEWJOURNEY

This amazing sample set comes with everything you need to start (or change) your skincare journey, particularly if you have sensitive/dry skin, and you are unsure about trying new skincare products not knowing how it will react to your skin. This is also the perfect starter gift to give to someone special.

We believe that you will absolutely love these skincare products so much that you will want to throw away all of those unscented creams in your bathroom. Our products were made with sensitive skin in mind, using high quality ingredients that provides long lasting moisture, helps to soothe skin, reducing the appearance of scarring AND they SMELL AMAZING! 

The Luneria Sampler Set consists of your choice of 4 items: 2 oz Scrub, 1 tube of Bath Tea, 2 oz Body Butter Delight, and 2 oz Cosmic Glow Body Butter!