The Luneria Experience: Transformative Skincare, Redefined


Welcome to Luneria Cosmetics, where we marry luxury and sensitivity into one seamless skincare affair.

Shayla, black woman, in a golden yellow dress with a flower crown




Our Journey

Imagine a life where your skin is a source of joy rather than a constant battle. Where the act of skincare becomes a luscious ritual, rather than a medical necessity. That dream is the cornerstone of Luneria Cosmetics.

Founded by Shayla Lunai, who has journeyed through 30+ years of living with eczema, she strived to make Luneria Cosmetics more than just another skincare brand. It is a beacon of hope and transformation.



The Alchemy of Skincare

Sensitivity meets indulgence. Our meticulously crafted line is formulated for souls tired of the ineffectiveness and harshness found in conventional skincare products. Specially designed for individuals with dry and sensitive skin, Luneria Cosmetics is not just another brand; it's a lifeline.



Ingredients With Integrity

Quality is not just a promise; it's our essence. From luxuriously rich body butters to ultra-soothing oils, every ingredient is thoughtfully selected and dosed for optimum efficacy. We ensure that each product is not only delicately fragrant but also deeply therapeutic while being effective.



The Melody of Fragrances

We rebel against the norm of clinical, sterile skincare products. Our unique scents, both natural and synthetic *gasp*, evoke sensory joy reducing the chances of skin irritation. A delightful departure from the unscented world that often defines sensitive skincare.



Your Skin, Your Story

The end goal? Empowerment. We want you to celebrate yourself every day, every moment. Our transformative products aim to elevate your daily routines into rituals of self-love and care, turning skincare into skincaremony (skincare+harmony). We also love to hear your transformations, so never hesitate to email us at



Join the Movement

Welcome to a world where your skin’s sensitive narrative becomes a radiant saga of triumph. This is Luneria Cosmetics. This is where your skincare journey evolves into a story of self-love, empowerment, and unapologetic luxury. Follow us on all of our social medias!