1. Tamanu Oil - What is it and How is it Beneficial?

1. Tamanu Oil - What is it and How is it Beneficial? - Luneria Cosmetics

Tamanu oil

Let's start with a brief history of Tamanu oil: Tamanu oil is known by many names such as Green Gold and Beauty Leaf Oil due to it's Latin name meaning, "beautiful leaf." Tamanu oil has been used for many years to help calm and cure skin problems, EVEN ones that are infectious.

Throughout history, people have found that Tamanu oil has many benefits. In Polynesia, they discovered that the oil helped promote the growth of body tissue and helped diminish the appearance of scarring. They even applied it to babies to prevent diaper rashes. 

The French found that the oil had healing properties, which help soothe cracked skin, cuts, rashes, etc. There are many more benefits of the oil however I will focus on the cosmetic benefits.

The Benefits: Due to Tamanu Oil having high percentages of Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid, and Stearic Acid, there are several great benefits for the skin and the hair.

Here is a rundown of those acids I mentioned:

  • Oleic Acid - helps maintain softness and shinyness in skin and hair. Stimulates hair growth along with strengthening the hair. Can reduce the appearance of aging. Also, helps to eliminate dandruff.
  • Linoleic Acid - Moisturizes hair and skin. Promotes hair growth. Can help calm down acne and may reduce the chances of future outbreaks. Can also slow the look of aging by maintaining skin elasticity and softness.
  • Stearic Acid - Helps soften skin. Provides a protective barrier for the skin which helps prevent water loss.

Tamanu oil is beneficial for your skin all year round, protecting you from the sun, the wind, and the cold. My body butters (https://luneriacosmetics.com/collections/body-butter-delights) has a good amount of Tamanu oil, so you can also enjoy the benefits of not only this oil but other oils and butters as well.

Stay tuned for more upcoming information on another one of the amazing ingredients I use in the making of these premium products.

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