5 Ways To Rid Yourself of Negativity

5 Ways To Rid Yourself of Negativity
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I feel this is definitely needed in 2020 (but really you can any of these anytime you feel blah) with so much negativity this year especially with COVID-19 rearing it's ugly head. I have decided to put together a short list of ways you can get rid of the bad vibes and replace them with good ones.

  1. Listen to Music & Dance Like No One Is Watching -  It does not matter what type of music you listen to, just listen to anything that boosts your mood (yes, I know it feels sooo great to listen to sad music when you're down, but we are not doing that today), get your blood pumping by getting up and busting some moves. Think of it as you are literally dancing off the bad vibes. I also love to sing for hours and it literally feels like I am singing away the stress, the pain, and the depression. You can also listen to your music at 432 z, you can search in your phone app store for 432 music players or you can go on Youtube, where there are plenty of videos. 432 Hz is a sound frequency that, according to music theory is consistent with the Universe, it is said to make us feel more centered and relaxed.               
  2. Enjoy Nature (Or Watch Nature Documentaries) - If you are anything like me, you love nature but you don't like the bugs, etc., you can always watch nature documentaries for a mood boost, however I'd suggest at least taking a short walk (barefooted if you can) and actually experience what it is like to be outdoors. Be completely in the moment and really feel the air ~how does the air smell? Feel on your skin? What do you see, plants and trees moving in the wind? Can you taste anything in the air? What do you hear? Practice mindfulness and let yourself be present.          
  3. Schedule a You Day or a You Moment - Many of are running around and doing so much for others that we really do forget about ourselves. We feel guilty for even just thinking of taking the time for ourselves. I am hear to tell you if you have never heard it, self-care is not selfish. You will not be of any good or service to others, if your body gets worn down and drained and stops you dead in your tracks all because you decided to ignore your own wants and needs. Ignoring yourself for the good of others sounds great in theory however you are subconsciously telling yourself that you are not worth even the iota of the time that you constantly give to others. I am a huge advocate of doing something for yourself every day, no matter how small. You can read a book or a blog, go take a run, get back into a hobby that you used to love, or eat your favorite snack without sharing it.  This is going to be a shameless plug but I have to do it, having a spa day is an amazing way to treat yourself, you can use any of our products but I'd highly suggest the Spiritual Soak Bath Teas (https://www.luneriacosmetics.com/collections/bath-teas/products/meditate) and the Spiritual Cleanse Bath Scrubs (https://www.luneriacosmetics.com/collections/body-scrubs/products/go-zen-yourself).                                                                                                 
  4. Write Out Your Achievements -  Speaking of you and loving yourself, when was the last time you actually wrote down your achievements? We are always making mental to-do lists or writing them down for all the things we need to do that day or for the week. Basically boiling our lives down to checkmarks on a piece of paper. Sit down somewhere and think back on your life, then write down everything you have accomplished so far. Bonus points: Write everything you still want to accomplish or better yet this is also a perfect time to do a vision board. When you look back over your list of accomplishments, hopefully you will smile and give yourself a pat on the back because YOU DID THAT!!                                                                    
  5. Cleanse Yourself, Your House, and/or Your Spouse - There are many ways you can cleanse yourself, such as with music, water, and smoke. You can burn herbs and wood such as cedar, rosemary, wormwood, black and garden sage to help with cleansing. There is a sage called White Sage, however please do not use this as it is used by the Native American/Indigenous Nation specifically for the purpose of ceremonies and for medicinal purposes. White Sage is facing extinction due to human development, wildfires (It's native to California), along with the fact that it is now being mass marketed in such huge numbers due to popularity. If you must use White Sage, please make sure the source you get it from is either part of the Native American/Indigenous Nation or the company sources it from them directly. 

There are definitely so many more ways to get rid of negativity than what is on this list but hopefully this gets you back or started onto the path of positivity. Please let me know in the comments if this has helped you or if you have a way to get rid of negativity. P.S. Laughter is another good way, so go watch funny Youtube videos, my personal favorites are watching stand-up comedians. 


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